What You Didn’t Realize About Words Of Wisdom Is Powerful – But Extremely Simple

Words of Wisdom

In Christianity, the words of wisdom are a spiritual gift given to Paul. The function that this gift has given to many is dependent upon the purpose for which it was given. Some believers see in this wisdom as a prophetic-type function. Others view the words of wisdom as teaching purposes.

Words Of Wisdom

All About Words of Wisdom
All About Words of Wisdom

The word wisdom linked with the words of knowledge or the Word of Knowledge. The Word of Knowledge was revealed to mankind through the scriptures. Many people who are spiritually inclined often use the words of wisdom to help them make their thoughts come to the surface. They find their thoughts lacking in clarity and may lack knowledge on certain matters. Sometimes the words of wisdom are used as a catalyst to help someone discover their lost and neglected knowledge and become more spiritually aware. Other times the words of wisdom are used to inspire others with their faith and God-given knowledge.

Wisdom can be defined as an ability to understand. One can become wiser by practicing their words of wisdom. It is important to practice what one has learned because the wisdom of this world may not last forever.

Words Of Wisdom Origin

The word wisdom comes from the Hebrew word yud, which means knowledge, and gid, which means wisdom. When God created man He knew that man was not perfect but that He had the ability to know His Creator. He also knew that man would need a teacher. This was the beginning of the role of this Word of Knowledge in man’s life.

The Word of Knowledge is used to inspire one to believe in God. Sometimes it can be used to get the heart and mind of man to believe in God and His promises. For example, when the Lord Jesus said, “Go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” He did this to show them how to make disciples of Jesus Christ. and to follow Him. The Bible teaches that it is through the Word of God that one can know about God.

Word Of Knowledge 

The Word of Knowledge can be used to get someone to know and understand the meaning of God’s Word. When the Lord Jesus said, “Whose son is my beloved? Answer me,” He showed us that His Father loved us and that we were loved by our Creator.

Another use of the Word of Knowledge is to teach us how to share in God’s love. When Paul was questioned by a Roman official about why He gave Paul His life, Paul replied by saying that he gave him His life to preach the Word of God. The Word of Knowledge is given to guide us into the truths of God.

One can be a wise person and yet not have wisdom, because it is based on the Word of Knowledge. Many of us have the ability to have a personal relationship with God, but without the ability to share the Word of Knowledge, we do not fully understand God’s heart and His promises.

Good Examples

Words of Wisdom Examples
Words of Wisdom Examples

There are many good examples of where this Word of Knowledge is needed. In our life, we need to learn about God, His promises, and how to share in His love.

God has set forth His Word for us and we are to accept the Word as true for our salvation. Moreover, if we do not accept and follow God’s promises we cannot find our salvation.

Final Thoughts

In fact, God has made our free will to choose or reject Him. The Word of Knowledge makes it possible for us to choose or reject Him if we want to. but only after receiving a personal revelation from God. If we want to choose to believe in Him and accept His promises, we must learn to trust Him first, then receive from Him.

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