What Is Personal Development Plan?

What Are Personal Development Plans?

Internal growth and personal evolution arise from one’s own internal motivation when on your own initiative you make a decision about an objective you want to achieve. This personal development plan is that road map through which you can visualize that process that leads you from your current situation to the desired state.

What Are Personal Development Plans?
What Are Personal Development Plans?

Personal development plan: what it is and how to do it. 

What Is A Personal Development Plan: Examples And Models

It is the action plan contextualized in time that is, framed on specific dates, through which you list a list of actions and habits with which you acquire a commitment because they approach you to that personal development goal that you want to achieve.

These goals allow you to open doors and go outside your comfort zone. For example, you may want to internalize a new habit, exercise a new skill, improve your public speaking techniques, face a specific fear, practice assertive communication or exercise optimism. These are some examples of personal development but it is important that you find your own purpose.

Practical Example

For this action plan to be operational it also has to be linked to a specific timeframe. For example, write a script with the intended purpose for the next three months or the next half year. The time period is also linked to the degree of difficulty of the challenge to be achieved and your circumstances.

SWOT analysis is an example of a simple technique that can help you have a context view of this process that you want to undertake. To do this, you have to list the weaknesses, threats, strengths, and opportunities you face.

Weaknesses In The Personal Development Plan

Once you have identified what are the weaknesses of the personal development plan, you can recognize what are the limits that put a brake on you. For example, imagine that your goal of personal development is to train your public speaking skills.

From the characteristics of each protagonist, different variables could be listed to take into account, for example, the lack of previous experience, the fear of ridicule, the excess of insecurity (insecurity is not a defect, however, when It becomes a limit to not face certain situations should listen to that information inside).

Take a pencil and paper, create a column with the theme of the weaknesses of the human being and list a brainstorm always in relation to you and the goal to be achieved.

Strengths In The Personal Development Plan

Complement your gaze by broadening the focus of attention to value those capabilities and talents that define you and that can help you be closer to the goal you want to achieve in your personal development plan.

What Are Personal Development Plans?
What Are Personal Development Plans?

Following the example of the desire to train public speaking skills, we also list examples of strengths that could help a person achieve that end. For example -have a wealth of vocabulary, perseverance, the illusion to live this experience or the passing of previous oral exams.

Now, following the plot of your goal, write an inventory of nutritional strengths that feed your self-acceptance and self-respect.

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