Top Ten Personal Development Books For Your Highly Recommendated List

top ten personal development books

My top ten personal development books are not the typical boring self-help type books. No, these were not some book where I bought a “how to” book and now was able to read it in my pajamas before dinner. These are rather original and filled with a wealth of information that most people don’t get. If you want to learn how to be the richest man alive, here is what you will get.

The Tao Of Letting Go By John Assaraf

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This is one of the best books on personal development I have ever read. It’s full of practical life tips from an experienced author who has actually done it! Best of all, this book was written for beginners and is easy to get started on. Beginners will benefit from the “quick fix” method of letting go that Assaraf offers in this book.

Rich Get Rich by financially successful internet marketer Niccolo Machado – Another useful book on personal growth. Again, it’s very helpful to be able to read about how others have grown wealthy or developed online. This is another “pick-me-up” to the mindset that many people need to have in order to get rich quick. This book discusses how to really focus on being financially successful versus becoming rich quickly.

The Road To Riches With The Tao Of Jeet Kune Do By Dr. Wayne Dyer

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I actually grew up with this book when I was a beginner. The premise of this text is simple: use Jeet Kune Do principles to achieve your financial goals. I think this book is very helpful to the beginner since it will help them set realistic goals that are attainable and will also motivate the beginner to keep pursuing their goals no matter what. I think this is a very good fit for the beginner since it includes practical applications of the theories suggested in the text. It does not leave everything up to chance and the concepts suggested in the text are not too far fetched.

How To Win Friends And Influence People By Ryan Lee

This is another very helpful nonfiction audiobook which uses some of the Top Ten Personal Development Books as examples and this time it focuses on leadership and how to apply certain behavioral traits into one’s leadership style. This book is an excellent introduction if you are a beginner since it will give you a better view point on leadership and behavior modification. However, this is only a good fit for the beginner. If you are an experienced leader or if you have already achieved certain behavioral traits as a leader then this might be a bit too far fetched and you will probably find it a bit too advanced for you.

Summing Up

The Power Pause – If you are a highly suggestible person and are constantly thinking about what needs to be done and when, this is a great choice for your list of top ten personal development books. Author Sunny Cummings outlines ten simple steps to achieve your goal setting goals and provides some very helpful tips and strategies along the way. As a fast reading, highly recommendable text that will help you think through some challenging questions and get answers that may help you gain clarity and focus. I especially like the emphasis on goal setting as this is an excellent technique to use in goal setting and implementation.

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