Top Selling Personal Development Books – What Makes a Good Book

top selling personal development books

Top selling personal development books are a dime a dozen, and they all claim to be THE best. The question is, what actually makes a book “truly great”? Is there something more to it, or is it just the claims of the author? In order to figure out which books are really worth buying and learning from, you need to look closely at the authors themselves, and find out what their real expertise is in the subject matter.

For example, did you know that the personal development books authored by Norman Vincent Peale were considered among the top-selling personal development books of all time? His books used simple language and illustrations that made it easy for readers to understand. His principles worked, and they have helped people all over the world achieve amazing results. But why are so many people still misinforming themselves about this man and what he stood for? This article will show you how to analyze the information in the “Best Selling Personal Development Books” list and determine whether the author has achieved his goals.

Some Things To Know

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The principles that are discussed in the “Top Selling Personal Development Books” lists are similar to those espoused by Dr. Perdue in his series of books on Personal Development. His ideas about how the mind functions, and the basic theories of emotional development and psychology are well received and respected. But it isn’t his abilities as a writer, that make him one of the best selling personal development authors of all time.

His biggest claim to fame may be his book “The Law of Success”, which was optioned by Walt Disney Company for the creation of a cartoon series. The animated version of this book became one of the most successful movies of all time, and became a huge hit right around the time when the Beatles were hitting it big. So, what makes “The Law of Success” one of the top-selling personal development books of all time? There are quite a few reasons, but in order to uncover them all, we need to examine the concepts that are at the foundation of this success story.

The Core Of The Law Of Success

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The core of “The Law of Success” is the idea that by understanding and applying the concepts of psychology, success can and does exist. Understanding and applying this concept is what leads you from a mediocre existence to one of extraordinary achievements. The concept that personal mastery can and does lead to extraordinary results is what is at the foundation of the message conveyed through the Author’s own words and then further expanded upon in his follow-up book “The Artist’s Way”. By taking these concepts and presenting them in a clear and concise manner, Mr. Hill gives the reader a clear picture of what they are, and why they are important.

For example, one of the concepts covered in the top-selling book is “A basic foundation for marketing success begins with your personal values”. If an author is not confident and knowledgeable about the importance of personal values in terms of marketing, how can the reader’s trust and invest in the information he is trying to convey? Are people really willing to place their faith and money into the information and suggestions provided by an author who is struggling to communicate the importance of such a concept to begin with? The answer is no.

Another concept covered in the top-selling personal development books is that the number of sales is directly proportional to the number of sales made. This is the concept of synergy, which is often times overlooked by marketers of all types. It only makes sense that if there is more product being sold, more sales will be achieved as well. When an author writes a book that effectively instills such a concept into the reader and then follows it up with a second book that focuses on and supports the same concepts, then they have successfully promoted and marketed two books at the same time.

Bottom Line

Finally, the top-selling personal development books will provide you with a blueprint for success. They will offer you an exact method on how to make the desired changes in your life and business. Many times, this is done through a series of step-by-step guides. These guides are designed to guide readers from the most basic concepts all the way up to the most complex of topics. Each of these guides has been crafted by seasoned authors who have spent years learning the valuable information that can be gained through personal growth and development.

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