Teacher Personal Development Plan Example

teacher personal development plan example

Teachers of all ages and levels love to do whatever they can to enhance their abilities. Some of these enhancements may take the form of self-study or they may be focused upon learning a specific skill set. Regardless, of what your teacher personal development plan involves there is a great deal to gain by utilizing this method.

Consider The Ohio Plan

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The teacher personal development plan example that we are going to look at here is from a school in Ohio. In this plan, one teacher details how he or she has helped improve the lives of several children with special needs. These children were diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome or high functioning autism. This is something that was bothering the children for quite some time and they needed someone who could help them feel more understood.

The Ohio educator then went online and did some research on his or her own to find other schools that were similar to the one he or she was working at. He or she then began to contact the other schools and discussed the goals that they had set up for the teachers. From these conversations it was learned that these teachers wanted to help improve the lives of these students.

Goal Of Development

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The goal of the development plan was for each teacher to have a section that was dedicated to personal growth. Teachers were encouraged to spend time researching the information on the Asperger’s syndrome and how it related to their students. They were also encouraged to share this information with the other teachers in their district. Then the districts put together a calendar that showed when these goals would be accomplished.

Once the calendar was created, it was used by the teachers as a guide. This calendar was used to track personal goals that needed to be met. Then the teachers were given a timeline as to when each goal would be achieved. Then they had to create plans on how to achieve these goals.

If you are an educator who is interested in helping others, then you may want to consider using a professional development plan template. These templates already have everything that you will need to know. You simply fill in your information and then you are done! These teacher templates can be printed out at home and brought to the office where you will fill them out on the spot. Teachers have the flexibility to make the plans that they need for the year.

Places To Get teacher personal development templates

There are many places that you can go to get the teacher personal development templates that you need. One place is a business website. Here you can find many great examples that you can use for your personal growth plan. You can also find these types of templates online. There are some good ones that you can find for free but then you may have to pay for some more detailed ones that have information about each goal that you set for the year.


These types of templates are certainly a great way to start thinking about how you can personalize your resume and CV for the teaching profession. You can use these examples to help you make decisions as to what specific skills you may need to focus on in order to obtain certain positions. You can also decide what additional training and certifications you may need in order to teach online or at a college campus. The beauty of using a good and detailed example of a career plan or personal development plans template business plan is that you can keep it to yourself and not tell anyone else. Everyone who comes into contact with your template will only be able to know that it is a sample and not an actual application for a teaching job.

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