How A Personal Development Plan Example May Benefit Students

personal development plan example for students

It can also be called a guide for students to follow throughout their academic career, as well as a vehicle for teachers to use to motivate students to take active steps towards their educational goals.

Plan Has Been Shown To Increase Student Motivation

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Such a plan has been shown to increase student motivation and achievement, as well as enhance organizational and interpersonal skills. This type of planning for students is generally called a planning tool or guide. Personal development plan examples include those provided by organizations ranging from schools to the military. These examples provide a helpful vehicle for explaining how such plans work. They also serve as an excellent resource for providing guidance to teachers. Educators can use the examples of their own programs to show students how such plans should work.

The most important feature of any plan lies in its goal. That goal should be clearly defined and detailed. Such a plan should be able to guide students through a particular task. Goals could be changed as the students themselves progress toward them. The process of personal development needs to be guided by the students’ personal goals.

In this example, the relevant goal for students would be to become more proficient writers. This means that they need to make a plan to take the writing portion of a writing test. The plan should list the test date, answers to be printed out, and the format in which they should be written out. It should also provide an evaluation of their writing performance. Once students have made their own plan, they need to develop and follow it appropriately.

Teachers Should Involve Their Students In The Writing Process

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After all, that’s what the plan is meant for – benefiting the students. Some teachers might want to start by spending some time with the students to get a better understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. They can then go back to their plans and revamp the initial ones into something that fits the students’ needs.

Plan Activities And Games

Teachers should plan activities and games that will help students’ personal development goals. For example, some plans might call for the students to read a motivating book. Others might call for them to read motivating essays or articles. Having the students read these texts will help them gain insight into how they feel about certain issues and how they might act on those issues in the future.

Having the students write down their own opinions on the matter can also help. However, it must be done carefully. The teacher can help by encouraging the students to state their opinions honestly, no matter how they might feel about the topic. Furthermore, teachers should consider how the students might feel about being personally tested. In fact, they might even find this aspect of the plan interesting!

Bottom Lines

In conclusion, a plan is a useful tool for students who wish to achieve personal development goals. Such a plan should be written down and reviewed regularly. It is not sufficient to merely state general goals like “I will learn how to play the piano.” Rather, such a goal requires the student to specifically state what he/she wants to learn and how to achieve it. Therefore, such a goal needs to include specific words, goals, instructions, and so on.

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