Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Skill Development

Skill Development: Everything You Need To Know


Skill development is a set of actions that the earner performs to creatively carry out different activities, using the knowledge that he possesses, through gradual operations that he incorporates in his psyche until he turns them into doing and knowing how to do those activities, achieving the proposed objective.

Skill Development: Everything You Need To Know
Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Skill Development.

Origin And Formation

Analyzing Vigotsky’s theory about the origin and formation of skill development in the student, these are shaped, structured and directed, modeling both a system of activities of different genres and the communicative process that will be established with him, depending on of this instructive and social purpose, by its nature and dimension.

The higher psychic functions are developed in each stage of skill development in the person’s life differently, according to the type of interactions he has had, as well as the problems and contradictions that he was solving and overcoming in each one of those moments of life.

In activities or tasks aimed at the skill development and training, the age, experience they have and the level reached by the student must be taken into account and established based on these requirements mentioned above.

Skill Development As A Concept

People consider that skill development is a concept that reflects the way in which the subject and the object relate. They highlight intellectual abilities that are essential for the development of thought. Additionally, it also contributes to the assimilation of content, so they are basic to learn.

The formation of skills in the stage that includes the conscious acquisition of the ways of acting, under the direction of the teacher, the student receives the appropriate orientation of the way in which he should proceed.

The development of the skill occurs when the exercise process begins. This is the newly formation ability that begins usage in necessary amount. Additionally, with an adequate frequency, it becomes increasingly easy to produce or use certain knowledge. On the other hand, there is a gradual elimination of errors.

During the formation of the skill, there is a gain of all operations, and a there is a guarantee over greater and better execution. Moreover, when the exercise begins, measures that look at repeat operations, its components gain automation. Each of them performing with greater security. Therefore, the use of consciousness is less and less, unnecessary operations disappear. And people eventually achieve accuracy and speed, leading to development.

Stages Of Skill Development

Skills undergo formation through different interrelated stages. However, with some flexibility in their application, they might depend on their complexity.

Skill Development: Everything You Need To Know
Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Skill Development.
  • Exploration, diagnosis, and motivation for the development of the action.
  • Information and demonstration by the teacher of the functional components of the action (operations).
  • Moreover, exercise by the students of the actions and operations under the teacher’s control.
  • Exercise also by the students of the actions and operations in the form of external verbal action and internalization of the procedure internally.
  • Finally, it involves application of the operations system for action in new learning situations.
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