Best Personal Development Books: Here are Your Reads For 2020

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Best personal development books are everywhere. One has to have the right taste in the written word to find the best personal development books. Since you are here, I would like to assume that you are already aware of the need to develop your mind and personality.

In today’s day and age, having good looks, money, and a degree in higher education will not guarantee success. The past era, success meant early loads of wealth and power. But today, only people with a dynamic personality can reach the top of the ladder.

Best Personal Development Books: Youthful Diary

This book’s Youthful diary is from the Japanese language. The excerpts are from the journal of young Daisaku Ikeda, who later went on to become a peace leader and is currently the third president of Soka Gakkai International. What strikes most in this biographical book is the honesty and innocence contained in the pages. Dr. Ikeda has not put a false sense of accomplishment or courage that we often see in many magazines and biopics.

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As a global leader for peace, one can learn many values from young Ikeda since when he was twenty-one to thirty-two years of age. The period of this diary covers his experiences with illness, hunger, poverty in post-war Japan.

Through his own experiences in daily life, he demonstrated the real meaning of faith in Nichiren Buddhism and how to apply it to everyday life. One can read his struggle of not having an overcoat in the chill months of snowy winter to his marriage and family.

Best Personal Development Books: Discussions On Youth Volume 1 & 2

Whether or not you consider yourself a youth, these two books will always have a deep meaning. Also penned down by Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, these books contain an honest dialogue with students in high school and Universities. From answering how to deal with nagging parents to know the true meaning of love, these two books are nothing less than a treasure in this trouble-filled world.

These books show us the true meaning of life, dealing with financial and health-related difficulty at a young age, and hoping for a better future.

Best Personal Development Books: Hope Is A Decision

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Best Personal Development Books: Here are Your Reads For 2020

Contrary to what you are looking for, Hope is a decision that is not a book that will teach you to become a millionaire overnight. Besides, it will also not teach you to save money or how to become successful.

This profound piece of a book is on this list, as it will most definitely serve as a tool to guide you in your toughest times. Before you embark upon any journey, you must build a robust inner world and a solid foundation.


In addition to these books, you can also read the Autobiography of a Yogi, Tools Of Titans, etc. Try reading these books slowly so that you can absorb the wisdom of decades.

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