Amazing Personal Leadership Development Plan Essay

personal leadership development plan essay

Amazing Personal Leadership Development Plan Essay

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The scientific analysis of leadership started by focusing on leaders themselves. As it is often called, the trait theory of leadership was initially grounded in the assumption that some people are “natural” leaders because they have been endowed with specific characteristics not possessed by others. However, the investigation of leader traits has been more productive because researchers have constructed more suitable theories, used better features, included more relevant characteristics, and used longitudinal data. Consequently, various personal attributes, such as energy level and emotional maturity, have now been linked to effective leadership (e.g. Bass, 1990). Besides, different skills, that is, interpersonal skills, technical skills, and cognitive skills – appear to be relevant to managerial success. Well, let’s talk about the personal leadership development plan here.

The specific nuances that are needed to become a complete leader are missing in my overall personality. I would take the positives in all their valid respects, and the negatives would be scrolled out viciously.

Leadership Skills

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Developing leadership skills is a constant process that requires to be sharpened throughout a person’s career. To build my leadership skills, I will first consider stock of my existing leadership skills, weaknesses and strengths. While doing this, what would be needed of me is considering the difference between management and leadership. Though the leadership skills incorporate charisma, judgment, dependability, flexibility, courage, integrity, individual consideration etc., I would like to teach some of the dominant skills while framing my personality plan. These skills would include the element of charisma and individual consideration, and intellectual stimulation. However, Charisma, to be quoted in a single sentence, can be defined as one’s ability to entrust respect, trust and faith, which, in my opinion, is the most required.

Team Building

Another leadership quality is team building, which can prove to be a success or a leader’s failure. However, “Team building is a catch-all term for a whole list of techniques aimed at improving the internal functioning of work groups” (Kreitner et al., 2002). Whether conducted by outside consultants or company trainers, team building workshops strive for greater cooperation, better communication, and less dysfunctional conflict. Apart from that, experiential learning techniques such as interpersonal trust exercises, conflict-handling role-play sessions, and interactive games are standard.


The issue of communication is vital for the successful functioning of any organization. All organizations usually establish formal mechanisms and processes of vertical and lateral lines or communication channels to provide how information, facts, ideas, feelings, proposals, emotions, opinions and problems can be exchanged.

According to Kelly, the term “Communication may be described as the field of knowledge which deals with the systematic application of figures to acquire basic information regarding an event or object.” Communication and information feed the quality of all human relations in organizations. Good communications underlie good relations and exchange the general quality of working life, motivation and morale. Insufficient and inadequate communications lead to frustration and enhance feelings of alienation and lack of identity and unity.

Strengths And Weaknesses

My strength is my ability to work hard. Hard-work and determination are considered the most vital elements for gaining the upper hand on the other individual. While promoting the leadership development plan, the foremost thing that I shall adhere to is gathering my strengths and making the best possible use of them in my career. Therefore, the only way to show in life is to accumulate all the hidden strengths and wave off all the imbibed weaknesses, spoiling the entire project in a go.


Hence my leadership development plan essay would be such that makes me an overall groomed individual, inhibiting the leading traits of empathy, leadership motivation, patient listener, agreeableness and conscientiousness.

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